Hassle-free, SIM-free, Connectivity

All of our devices come with Intelligent 4G/5G technology that can select the best connection, automatically, without the need for SIM cards, or truck rolls.


Anywhere-Internet for Your Business

Infinite is the fusion of all of the major wireless 4G/5G providers into one, powerful, reliable, internet connection.


Scale and Deploy in Hours, Not Days or Weeks

We specialize in getting companies like yours connected to the internet at the speed of Next-Day-Air. As soon as your gear arrives in the mail, plug it in and you're connected.


Solutions for Any Environment

Need connectivity outdoors? Our next-gen routers are weather-proof so you can enjoy our reliable internet service in the elements or at sea.


SIM Card-Free Connectivity

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing and swapping SIM cards. Infinite eliminates physical SIM cards, streamlining the activation and management of devices.

Reliability and Redundancy

With multiple carriers integrated, in the event of network issues or outages, our technology seamlessly switches to alternative carriers, ensuring continuous connectivity and minimizing disruptions.

B2B Solutions

Tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of enterprises big and small. Ensure persistent connectivity for employees, IoT devices, with optimized data usage. Our B2B solutions are designed to empower business.

Eliminate the 'Network Unavailable' Option

Eliminate internet connectivity barriers with our complete portfolio of services and partnerships with suppliers featuring innovative customer solutions that will change the way you connect.

Connect Your Offices From Anywhere to Anywhere

Simple, fast and reliable wireless solution that works from anywhere, whether you are at home, at work or on the go. You are no longer bound to any one carrier or limited by your location.

All in One Solution for Your Business

Using a multi-carrier approach, our ISP devices are capable of switching networks seamlessly with minimal disruption to your connectivity as you travel from one location to another.

Taking the Next-Gen Wireless to the Next Level

Who We Are
As a pioneering communications company, we are revolutionizing connectivity solutions through our innovative approach which allows connections to a multitude of carrier towers through a single device, eliminating the need for traditional SIM cards. Our core emphasis is on providing businesses with seamless and reliable connectivity, accomplished through our state-of-the-art B2B solutions.

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What We Do
We provide an all-encompassing suite of 4G and 5G solutions crafted to deliver infinitely better Internet connections. Tailored for businesses, our services function as both primary and/or backup connections for premises, remote locations, and mobile operations. With the support of our dedicated team of experts, we are committed to assisting you in identifying the optimal solution to ensure operational success.

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We Make Wireless Simple!

Fast-paced technological advancements require innovators like Infinite Wireless to stay ahead of the trends. We implement advanced wireless solutions to address these rapid changes with competent solution-based technologies.

Customer Testimonials

See what our current user have to say about the Infinite Wireless service!
Marty TBusiness Owner

We rely on this product to keep our business running smoothly. With our cable provider experiencing intermittent issues, Infinite Wireless has been instrumental in keeping us connected and ensuring our daily operations run seamlessly. A big thanks to the Infinite Wireless team for their ongoing support.

Cheryl H.Business Owner

The multi-carrier capability has been a game-changer for us; we don't have to worry about it. When AT&T went down, we stayed connected, and it didn't impact our operations. Extremely pleased with the product and how it enables us to stay connected and run our day-to-day business seamlessly.

Jerry D.Sales Road Warrior

I travel for work constantly, and in the past, staying connected was a challenge. I was always concerned about using public open WiFi due to compliance and security issues. Thanks to Solis-Lite, I haven't been on public WiFi in over a year. I no longer worry about connectivity; it magically works for me, and I don't have to stress about carriers. I even use my cell for WiFi calls without concerns about roaming or connections. Extremely pleased with this product and have recommended it to everyone who asks me, 'Hey, what is that?

Sarah M.Small Business Owner

I can't express how pleased I am with the Infinite Wireless solution. As a small business owner, connectivity is crucial, and this product has been a game-changer. The multi-carrier capability ensures we're always online, even when our primary carrier experiences issues. It's a relief not to worry about downtime affecting our operations. Kudos to the Infinite Wireless team for creating such a reliable and efficient solution. Highly recommended!

Emily M.Business Traveler

Being on the road constantly, I used to struggle with staying connected, especially on public Wi-Fi. The Solis-Lite has been a game-changer for me. I haven't touched public Wi-Fi in over a year, and the worry about carriers and security is eliminated. This product has made my work trips stress-free, and I'm more than happy to recommend it to anyone in need of reliable connectivity on the go. Thanks, Infinite Wireless!

Alex P.Business Owner

Our new business location had no internet for months, and we were facing significant challenges. Infinite Wireless came to our rescue with the Router and Static IP on-demand products. It not only saved us from the hassle of waiting for traditional installation but also provided seamless and reliable connectivity. I can't express how grateful we are for this innovative solution. Thanks a million to the Infinite Wireless team for keeping us connected!

Amanda L.Business Owner

Dealing with Cox's delay to connect our new business left us frustrated and with no internet for over a week. Thankfully, Infinite Wireless came to the rescue! Within minutes of plugging in their device, our entire office was online. It not only bridged the gap until Cox could come out, but has now become our backup. Now, with the router stowed away in the closet, whenever Cox falters, we plug in the Infinite Wireless router to get back online. Thank you, Infinite Wireless, for keeping our team connected!

Jason T.Business Owner

Infinite Wireless has been an essential lifeline for our business. With our cable provider's inconsistent service, it's been our go-to for uninterrupted connectivity. The multi-carrier capability ensures we're never left stranded. When AT&T had a hiccup, we didn't even break a sweat because we remained online. We're beyond satisfied with the device and how it supports our day-to-day operations. Thank you, Infinite Wireless team!

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