Powerful Controls

Our online tools show your signal strength, amount of data used, close to real time. With the push of a button, you can change connections and carriers on the fly. Why settle for a single carrier when you can access multiple with one device now?

Connect Anywhere

Patented Virtual SIM (vSIM) technology provides America with a simple, fast, and reliable wireless solution, whether at home, at work, or on the go. You are no longer bound to a single carrier or limited by location.

No SIM Card Needed

INFINITE WIRELESS offers vSIM cloud devices and technology to provide multi carrier LTE and wireless access through a single device. This allows automated and manual switching between networks with limited disruptions to connectivity.

Redefining Connectivity for Businesses

Infinite Wireless is a pioneer in delivering business-grade services, seamlessly combining multiple carriers into a single device. Our innovative solutions leverage Cloud Virtual SIM (vSIM) technology with built-in SignalScanTM, ensuring the latest in connectivity advancements. Focused on efficiency and flexibility, we eliminate the need for physical SIM cards at the device level, providing businesses with unparalleled options for reliable connectivity.

Our Vision & Mission:
Infinite Wireless was founded to revolutionize B2B LTE wireless connectivity, offering reliable and redundant solutions. Our vision is to lead the industry in providing dependable wireless accessibility across various applications, from IoT solutions to real-time needs in both rural and urban environments.

All-in-One Solution:
Our vSIM cloud devices empower businesses with multi-carrier LTE and wireless access through a single device. This all-in-one solution allows for automated and manual switching between networks, ensuring minimal disruptions to connectivity. Our LTE solutions combine the power of multiple carriers through a single endpoint delivery system. Infinite Wireless routers and hotspots provide direct internet access currently deployed in home offices, business offices, and remote workers. Our customers have deployed these solutions for primary, secondary failover, mobility and countless IOT applications all requiring LTE connections throughout North America and in over 135 countries worldwide.

Key Features

  • Global Reach
    Our LTE solutions span across North America, with optional access to over 135 countries globally, making Infinite Wireless a versatile choice for North American businesses with international connectivity needs.
  • Versatile Applications:
    Designed to meet varying needs, our routers and hotspots span home offices, business offices, remote workers, primary and secondary failover, as well as mobility solutions and IoT applications.
  • Seamless Integration:
    4G & 5G wireless products with Wi-Fi and ethernet handoff options, ensure a plug-and-play installation experience, making connectivity setup quick and efficient, with no truck rolls.

Top Benefits

  • Business Grade services combining Multiple Carriers in one device
  • Latest in Cloud Virtual SIM (vSIM) technology with SignalScan™ built in
  • Algorithm changes connections based on location and signal strength
  • No physical SIM cards required at the device level
  • Optional businesses Static IP on Demand- carrier agnostic
  • Multi-carrier LTE Cloud vSIM solution – No physical sims required
  • Affordable Standalone wireless data plans from 1GB to over 1TB
  • Affordable Pooled wireless data plans from 1GB to 25GB
  • 4G/5G LTE products available with Wi-Fi handoff
  • Plug-n-play ease of installation

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