Company Information

Infinite Wireless, founded by like-minded individuals and companies, addresses common wireless carrier issues in the business-to-business world. Our goal is to reshape and lead forward with reliable, redundant solutions that businesses depend on. Our dedicated team and strategic partners focus on building solutions for dependable wireless accessibility everywhere, addressing IOT solutions and real-time needs in both rural and urban settings. We are committed to being an industry leader across today’s real-world applications.

The Infinite Wireless Difference

Our LTE solutions combine the power of multiple carriers through a single endpoint delivery system. Infinite Wireless routers and hotspots provide direct internet access to home offices, business offices and remote workers. Our customers have deployed these solutions for primary, secondary failover, mobility and countless IOT applications all requiring LTE connections throughout North America and around the world.

  • Multi-carrier LTE Cloud vSIM solution
  • No physical sims required
  • Affordable mobile data plans
  • Data plans from 1GB to over 1 TB
  • 4G/5G LTE products available with Wi-Fi hand-off
  • Plug-n-play ease of installation
  • No Truck Rolls

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